Tritex’s Commitment to Industry Development During the Coronavirus Outbreak

31 March 2020, London
By Duncan Gardiner

Like all of you, we have been digesting news about the development and spread of the coronavirus and the steps countries and industries are taking to combat the spread and mitigate the impact.

Two things really got our attention – Firstly, how day-to-day business and life has been impacted and affected by the very connected nature of the world we live in today. Secondly, travel has been massively curtailed – we have seen this in our own industry with GSM World Congress in Barcelona being cancelled and our more niche but extremely important to us – GSMA WAS meeting in Cape Town. Probably the next WAS will be under risk too. Most notably for our industry – roaming volumes have dropped off a cliff.

The impact on mobile operator’s roaming commitments, predicted volume thresholds and forecasted revenues and costs will be significant. There is already an enormous amount of re-forecasting going on to calculate budget impacts, and in many cases, it means a need to renegotiate roaming discount deals.

As most of the Roaming community is facing the same issues of diminished traffic, I believe that most of your partners will be willing to adjust terms. A “winner takes all strategy” would seem, to me, to be short sighted, especially, in an industry where memories are long and trust in your counterpart is such an important part of who we do business with.

However, how do you go about making changes to your roaming discount agreements? You can’t meet your partners face-to-face at GSMA WAS and traveling to each other’s offices is not possible. There are a huge number of deals to renegotiate in a limited time. So, we thought how can we help ease the situation and what is within our control to offer?

So, at no cost to you, we are opening our digital trading solution to the industry. You will be able to use our bespoke Trading technology (TradeFAST) to negotiate your roaming discount deals. With full offer and counter-offer capabilities, an array of commercial deal types, full audit trail and Operator to Operator negotiations. No prices are ever exposed to anyone but the two parties negotiating. Each deal will be supporting with a deal document that records your agreed Trade. To supplement this, our chat tool, ChatFAST, will allow you to chat with your counterpart while negotiating your deals – to maintain the personal touch.

We firmly believe our solution is not merely a solution for the current market chaos but a long-term solution to provide an efficient platform to negotiate and execute wholesale access deals in the Telecoms market. Moving to a digital trading platform now, out of urgent short term needs, can also be an investment in the future, where wholesale access deals will need to cover many different services (retail roaming usage; M-IoT; NB-IoT; 5G slices both roaming and domestic) and be priced independently according to the impact of each service on network resources and counterparty price sensitivity.

We hope and believe the industry will find our solution useful in this time of change.

Here are the details: –

Capabilities/benefits with the free to use platform



Negotiation platform

  • Faster & Efficient digital negotiation process
  • Secure & real-time
  • Terms electronically agreed
  • Full audit trails
  • Reduced manual errors and misinterpretation


  • Person-to-person chat module
  • Point of trade/contract communication
  • Faster interactions
  • Full audit trails
  • Link conversations to trades/contracts
  • Maintain personal relationships


  • TradeFAST & ChatFAST – Free of charge until end of 2020
  • Valid for customers that take up the offer in the next 3months (offer ends 30 June 2020)

How to sign up/What is required

Access to the system could not be easier. Only things required are internet access and a list of your authorised roaming mangers, Tritex will handle the rest.

Contact me or one of the team directly at or alternatively through our online form:

Learn more about Tritex

Tritex Solutions is a company with expertise in Financial Markets Trading Technologies; Telco Wholesale Roaming & Carrier Markets Trading and contract execution.

Through the innovative application of its’ expertise Tritex is digitising the Trading processes of the Telco wholesale market – a multi-billion dollar global market that needs modernisation in order to de-risk the current time consuming “analogue” trading processes prevalent throughout the industry today and future trading requirements of Roaming; M-IoT NB-IoT and 5G network slices.

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