Frequently Asked Questions

What is the benefit?

Enabling transformational revenue enhancements by empowering commercial teams to spend more time on adding real value – executing more deals, faster, rather than spending time on admin. The platform provides real-time overview of all deals from negotiation all the way through to execution. The workflow tool allows for internal review and approval processes to be managed efficiently. In addition to this, it gives teams the tools to reduce and manage the Value-at-Risk across the portfolio of contracts.

What is Value-at-Risk?

This is the risk of unsigned contracts, i.e. the risk of traffic being sent without a signed contract. In each deal, the discounts to the standard rates are negotiated. The discounts, in many cases, are fractions of the standard rates, so without signed discount agreements Operators could be liable for traffic based on much higher standard rates. This risk is increased if the traffic is unbalanced and rates are not implemented in the billing systems from the start of the period. Given the expected increase in volumes over the coming years, the Value-at-Risk could grow exponentially.

Do Operators only benefit if all Operators are on the platform?

No, the Tritex platform is not a closed ecosystem. It can also be used to trade and execute agreements with counterparties who are not customers of Tritex. Manage all your negotiations and agreements centrally.

Can I use my company’s Discount IOT templates on the platform?

Yes, Tritex will map your template into the platform so that you can generate agreements from your own templates.

What about M2M and M-IoT deals?

The Tritex platform is continually evolving. We work with our customers to ensure we are one step ahead in catering for new deal types. We already have the capability for separate M-IoT pricing and are working on NB-IoT deals. Looking further ahead we have a roadmap of 5G deal types, including network slices.

Can Tritex work with my DCH/FCH/Reporting systems supplier?

Yes, Tritex is agnostic and will connect to existing suppliers of services that are used for Roaming business support. In fact, we see real value in connecting our system with these to ensure robustness of your data. The aim is to have a “Single source of truth.” Your digitised data is fed directly into the downstream systems avoiding human intervention, which typically results in delay, human error in deal interpretation or incorrectly keyed data.

What do I need to get started?

Send us your Agreement Template and a list of users. Tritex handles the rest. Request a demo today to get started and take the next step in the evolution of Inter-Operator deals!