Innovate. Execute.

A digital Trading & Contract Execution platform for the Telecom industry

Is it time to try something new?

The industry is undergoing a revolution driven by the Internet-of-Things and the arrival of 5G, isn’t it about time that the way Inter-Operator deals are concluded evolves?

Digitise and Automate

Mobile Operators buy and sell wholesale access from other Operators across the globe on an annual basis, however it can take on average 6 months to sign and complete a single deal. Tritex Solutions provides a digital alternative with its trading and contract management platform to reduce the time taken to get deals done.



Manage multiple negotiations in parallel and track all live negotiations



A bespoke contract management tool giving clear oversight into the status of any contract



Send billing terms in a standard and easily extractable way

So What Does That All Mean?

It means no more lengthy, inefficient and costly contract negotiations. No more Value-at-Risk (gap between discounted rates and undiscounted rates which are at risk due to not having a signed contract). No more manual spreadsheets. No more manual errors. No more living in the past. Make deals happen easily anywhere, anytime.

*Illustration purposes only. Assumes traffic growth rate of 10% yoy and an increase in the number of deals of 30 per year to account for new deal types.

Total Value-at-Risk

100% 100% 100% 100% 100%